Conversation Invitation
Conversation Invitation
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This conversation invitation was originally created for my little girl's birthday party. I wanted to come up with something new & fresh. I have no clue how some of these ideas just pop into my head. I've always had a different way of looking at objects and life. You could give me a glue stick, balloon and a snowcone and I would look at all of those items as endless possibilites to create something amazing. I've been called a creatie genius and I must

The response from my daughter's conversation invitation was so amazing, that I thought I would share it with you. This invitation has been so popular with everyone, that it has been used two years in a row and the conversation keeps geting better & better.

Feel free to order your personalized, conversation invitation with dialogue of your choice. Wrapperlicious will help you come up with something unique that will be remember for years to come!